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Agriculture is changing

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Clean Farming

Clean Health

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Benefits of HydroCrops

Benefits of HydroCrops


Premium quality of fresh nutritional produce 365 days a year


Guarantee of harvest and delivery schedule – as our crops are grown in controlled optimal conditions


We grow our vegetables in a clean, hygienic and chemical free environment


No use of harmful pesticides, non-insecticides and absolutely no preservatives

GMO free

Modification of the DNA of seeds have several health and environmental risks, however we are all natural

Rich in nutrients

Grown in an optimal habitat resulting in higher nutritional value produce



Butter Head Lettuce

Leafy Lettuce

Romain Lettuce

Lolla Rossa

Iceberg Lettuce


Indian Basil (Tulsi)

Thai Basil


Baby Spinach

Regular Spinach






Morning Glory




How It Works

Precision Farming – we use Hydroponic technology wherein plants are grown in a soilless, purified, nutrient enriched water system within a temperature controlled environment.

With the right quantity of active nutrients and minerals, our safety produce is grown free of chemicals and pesticides. We monitor the entire process from seed to you, ensuring quality and traceability at every step. Moreover there is 90% less use of water as compared to conventional farming.

Why We Are Good For The Planet?

Why We Are Good For The Planet?

Less Water

We use 90% Less water as compared to traditional farming

Less Land

We use lesser land to ratio of yield. Prevention of soil erosion and agricultural run-offs into the soil

Less Carbon Footprint

Since we are local, we use less transport fuel hence low carbon footprint

Our Story


One never imagines that the food we eat is part of an immensely complex loop of Farming, Diet, Health and Climate Change.

Our world is currently challenged by problems such as population explosion, extreme water shortage, global warming and overuse of pesticides and fertilizers. To address these agricultural concerns, we have delved into ancient wisdom and made it new using an environment friendly technology - Hydroponics. It is believed that this method has been used for 1000s of years. In fact, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a classic example.

Our clean produce is the step forward in farming. Although this technology might seem futuristic, it is definitely not artificial. It does not play with genetics, in fact it works alongside nature. It is indeed a clean, fresh and GREEN approach to farming.

Empowering The Women Workforce

Argos Greens is predominantly a women owned, women managed & women run organization. With a women dominated work force, we aim to create local green collar jobs and train them in urban farming methods. This is our small endeavor hoping to lead to their economic upliftment.

Our clean HydroCrops not only have a positive impact on our health, but also on the health of the world around us.